We specialize in integrating renewable solar into new and/or existing electrical setups whether connected within a radial, loop or network distribution system or even creating entirely grid independent (“island”) power house using renewable solar. We work closely with clients and vendors and act as “system integrator” to ensure optimal self-reliance vis-à-vis the primary grid while guaranteeing the fastest payback and lowest cost of ownership (TCO) achievable under the circumstances.

Conceptually, the model solutions are classified in three levels of our technical involvement as below:

Renewable Energy Blocks
Power Management by Integrating and Controlling Sources
My Own Mini Grid

Solar is embedded in all three solutions – we do it for renewable solar, once the customer site is assessed and energy demands are reviewed, we can advise which level(s) of technical involvements are feasible in his case, further consultation and discussion may help the customers to choose from options considering its own situation and preferences.

Cost Benefit Hints

Financial benefits achieved in first eight months of a recent 'ReBlox' installation projecting a payback of less than 4 years while full potential of generation is not realized during this period because of off-grid/hybrid nature of deployment where this class of converters generate power per demand thus full generation potential is rarely utilized.

For another ‘momGrid’ project in the process, where all sources are planned to run under optimal conditions, we have cautiously estimated a payback period of less than 2.5 years making it an attractive investment for the customer.