Welcome To Comtec Energy

Comtec Energy is working with customers and prospects across the country to install smart & concept solutions which integrate new or existing power generation and/or consumer’s assets with renewable solar to meet local energy demand(s). Having over three decades of technology business presence in diverse disciplines, and now more than several years of solar energy expertise, we are determined and committed to contribute and deliver renewable solar solutions in the times of national energy crisis.

Who We Are

People are the focus, the people-energy relation is our subject, alternate and renewable energy is our way, and we will do everything to endorse, uphold, advocate, promote, strengthen, and beautify this relationship of people with energy.

Qazi Irfan, CEO

We, the mankind, are in exceptional relation with energy, all of living creatures without exception and the active businesses – are perpetual consuming machines, what we all consume ceaselessly has some value no matter how we define “what value is”, yet it’s a certain energy-torso that invigorates every life and all activities – adore energy.

Life, comforts, happiness, well-being, travels, lifestyle and everyday routines are just to name a few among piles of living attributes reliant on energy in one way or the other – produce energy.

A disorder or interruption of energy makes our lives miserable, causes unrest; may demoralize a person as its worst repercussion, no wonder this has now become a common phenomenon around us in boiling summers, such miseries can really be reduced substantially – conserve energy.

Millions of families all over the country are living in sub-standard conditions since they have no access to energy or enough energy, an efficient use of available means will definitely bring them to live with better standards – optimize energy.

We must rise above conventional approach on energy means and issues; our vision is to be a problem solver, a contributor to energy means, and to earn a repute of peoples’ company. If our efforts save few nice sleeps and result in feeding what men consume – then we are doing, enlarge the canvas and deliver to nation – we are done.

Any moment, every juncture and each step, we have to make decision – there we need some beliefs or inspirations, any clues or guidelines, a few references or else to achieve satisfaction and a sense of doing the right thing, core values are thoughts and principles that help us perform in those very states and thus represent our character. Our common constant coefficients (CCC) of organization values are:

  • Credence is our asset that we acquire with professional character.
  • Partnership succeeds only on mutual leverage.
  • Integrity shall never be compromised.
  • Promise is irrevocable unless freed.
  • Think big, we can do big only if we think so.
  • Quality, strictly no ad-hocism in what we do – do it rightly.
  • Value creation is where we want to relate our acts.
  • Vigilance is to distinguish the thin-line between the right and the wrong.
WH #6, Plot 277, Street 1, I-9/3 Industrial Area
Islamabad 44000, Pakistan
Tel : +92 (051) 254 3677, 444 8807
Mobile : +92 (321) 50 33 663

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Our Focal Expertise

Solar System Design and Simulation – 99
Designing Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – 95
Electrical/energy audit, analysis & planning – 98
Mitigating Solar Intermittency by design – 97